Raphael Kasprian - Violin
Emily Stewart - Viola
Cornelia Perwein - Cello
Philipp Kienberger - Double Bass/Composition
Tatjana Wurzer - Piano

Freedom is the most important thing for me as a composer.
-Philipp Kienberger

KVIN blends contemporary classical music with modern jazz. The ensemble, a low string quartet (violin, viola, cello, double bass) plus piano, was brought to life and is led by bass player and composer Philipp Kienberger. After several years of being an observer and active contributor to the Viennese music scene, Kienberger began work on KVIN, the chamber music synthesis of the many musical impressions the city has left on him. KVIN’s singularity lies not only in its choice of instruments, but also in the variety of musical ideas that come together to become one. As a quintet, they move between moments of powerful sound structures and rhythm-driven parts, and songlike and often atonal melodies. Here and there one may find references to jazz and pop music. The juxtaposition and fusion of all these elements are what make KVIN such an interesting listening experience. At times, it brings to mind the music of Alfred Schnittke, sometimes that of Ludovico Einaudi, but the group’s sound lies somewhere in between. It is as if the music resists any effort to be steered in one particular direction, preferring to abandon a given path in favour of satisfying its own curiosity. In a time where genres are increasingly hard to specify, KVIN offers a musical experience that allows its listeners to define it for themselves. April 2018 marks the release of the ensemble’s debut album, “Es kann nicht lösen der Mensch…” on the Viennese label Freifeld Tontraeger.

Music and Videos:

Just Right into It:



Fermentiert live at Kick Jazz Festival Porgy&Bess:

Mountains, Air and unknown Wishes live at Kick Jazz Festival Porgy&Bess:


21.April 2018 Album Release Konzert Harmers Bar Vienna

01.Oktober 2018 Raj Klagenfurt officially Carinthian Album-Presentation

05.December 2018 Kick Jazz Festival Porgy&Bess Vienna.

07.February 2019 Brunnhofer Galerie im Kunsthaus Linz 19:30

26.April 2019 Echoraum Vienna

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